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Browser Screen Shot

Browser Screen Shot

A friend of mine on Twitter Jarocookies pointed me in the direction of the latest Beta to be released for OS6. Hit the download if you feel comfortable using a beta application

Big thanks to Jarocookies for the link


AppWorld Push Notifcation

AppWorld Push Notifcation

WhatsApp urge you to upgrade to v2.6.2778

Just cleared my cache in App World to find a new update from WhatsApp.

Here’s the low down:

- Fix major CPU and memory issue. please upgrade!

NOTE: if you have problem upgrading from the AppWorld, please do it from the website.

Not seeing the update in AppWorld?

Here’s what you do, go into your applications list in App World. Then hold down the ‘Alt’ key the press ‘r’ ‘s’ ‘t’. This will return you to your home screen. Simply return to your applications list and select the application and hey presto your update prompt will appear.

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