My Commute Hyperlapsed

Every had that epiphany moment when you think of something to do, and then just go and do it.

Well I thought I’d do just that. I present my drive home Hyperlapsed.

(For some reason the Hyperlaspe stopped recording after 45 mins. Who knows, maybe this is the limit of the app)

Dockplus – 9 months on

Black & White Dock+

It’s been a while since I backed the project Dock+ on Kickstarter. And now 9 months on, I’m not looking for another dock because it’s fell apart or it’s not charging. Nope, this dock is still going with no signs of wear at all. It really is an amazing piece of engineering and yet so simple. Continue reading

Notifications on your Pebble


So since day one of the Pebble launch, I have seen little waves of frustration from people on social networks complaining about not receiving notifications from a device. Believe me the engineers at Pebble do everything they can to squeeze out any bugs before they release an update to the app for your device or the Pebble software itself. But occasionally, a few bugs do sneak through.

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