A Better Way Of Life

Setting the scene

4 years ago I made a life changing decision to leave the city lights behind and move to the countryside. The city lights being Manchester and the countryside being Mold (yes it’s actually called that). Living on the edge of a city has its advantages, one being that everything is on your doorstep. But it also comes with some big disadvantages, the noise.

Snow scene overlooking Mold


So you’re thinking noise. What noise?

Let me explain, I work really strange hours (4pm till about 3am). Finishing in the middle of the night is a little strange but I’ve been working these hours for ten years. Admittedly it doesn’t work for everyone, and it has caused some problems in relationships. Anyway I’m waffling, let’s get back to the noise. Sleeping during the day is so much better now, no shouting or roadworks or even the startling shriek of a police siren to wake me up. Yes living in the country is all it’s cracked up to be, nice and quiet. Continue reading

My Commute Hyperlapsed

Every had that epiphany moment when you think of something to do, and then just go and do it.

Well I thought I’d do just that. I present my drive home Hyperlapsed.

(For some reason the Hyperlaspe stopped recording after 45 mins. Who knows, maybe this is the limit of the app)